Mangrove Creek is a descriptive name, first mentioned in 1829 by Surveyor Govett. The name is believed to have been in use much earlier. In the early colony, mangroves were burned for ash to be used in soap manufacture.

Mangrove Creek Post Office opened on 1st January 1857 and was closed on 29th April 1964.

Mangrove Creek Public School operated from April 1861 until December 1877. The school was known as Mangrove Public School until 1872.

Opened as Mangrove Lower Provisional School in August 1868 to July 1880, then as a public school from July 1880 until February 1902. The school was renamed Mangrove Creek in 1872. It operated as a half-time school with Island Flat from February 1902 until July 1909 and again as a public school from July 1909 until closure in June 1938.