Central Coast Plateau Chamber of Commerce
982-988 George Downes Drive
Kulnura NSW 2250
Phone: 02 4376 1218
Mobile: 0417 451 764
Email: wilsonrl@bigpond.net.au

Mangrove Mountain & Districts
Community Group
Mangrove Mountain Hall
Waratah Road
Mangrove Mountain
Email: heldan00@bigpond.com
Mobile: 0407 275 653

Mountain Districts Association
524 Ironbark Road
Mangrove Mountain
Email: secretary@mountaindistrictsassociation.com.au

The Community Technology Centre at Mangrove Mountain
Mangrove Mountain Computer Club
6 Waratah Road
Mangrove Mountain
Phone: 4372 1656
Mobile: 0408 895 330

Mangrove Alerts Community Service
6 Waratah Road
Mangrove Mountain
Phone: 4373 1014
Mobile: 0438 675 070
Email: MACSalerts@gmail.com

CWA Somersby
Somersby Hall
Wisemans Ferry Road
Meets on the second Wednesday of each
month. Visitors and new members welcome.

Kulnura & District Garden Club
Meets on the second Monday of
each month at each other’s properties. Visitors made very welcome and it is a great way to make friends on
the mountain – you don’t have to be a gardener!
Secretary: Margaret Bushby, 6 Dalgety Crescent, Green Point 2251
Phone: 4367 7606

Dharug and Lower Hawkesbury Historical Society Inc
Formed in 1983 the Dharug and Lower Hawkesbury Historical Society’s premises are located on Wiseman’s Ferry Road, Gunderman, between Wisman’s Ferry and Spencer.The premises include an historic stone chapel completed in 1855 where meetings and functions of the Society take place.
Email: enquiries@dlhhs.org.au